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Orange OR15 tube amplifier – USA 110v to UK 230v voltage switch

I was lucky enough in December 2014 to find a used Orange OR15 head in the Las Vegas Guitar Center. poserHowever, before purchasing gear like this from over the pond it is necessary to know whether it can be switched to run on the UK voltage. Some guitar amps are fixed to a 110v USA and others on set to the 230v UK voltage. If you buy a USA amp which is fixed to 110 then you might have problems. In some cases I have heard that the internal power supply needs to be converted.

Luckily, the OR15 head does have a voltage selector switch – although it is not in a very accessible location. In order to get to it you need to remove the amp from the case – the voltage selector is tucked away on the side of the amp.


Remove the amp…

First remove the bolts from the feet – these go all the way through the feet, the wooden case and screw into the amp body itself. Once these have been removed you can slide the amp out gently – be careful not to damage the tubes on the way out. On the left side of the amp (looking from the front) you will find a red selector switch – 110, or 230. Switch it over to 230v if you want to use it in the UK.


Change the fuse…

Wait, that’s not all though – you also need to switch the fuse over, as the USA fuse is rated differently, and as you are now going to use your amp in the UK, you need a higher rated fuse. Using a flat screwdriver you can remove the fuse case from directly below the power cable socket. You should find two fuses in here. One of them should be a T500ma fuse – make sure this is the one that’s in use.



Remember, if you are not confident doing this kind of thing you should take it to an experienced electrical technician or your local guitar shop. There are extremely high voltages in tube amps so you can get a severe shock if you don’t know what you are doing.