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Store your snippets with Github Gist

If you are coding a lot then you probably have chunks of re-useable code which you copy and paste into your applications to save time. These are what we refer to as “snippets”. There are a number of ways you can store these, for example in a text-file on your desktop, or the IDE in which you are working. However, if you are working on a different computer, will these snippets be available to you? Unlikely, unless you duplicate them. Then of course, if you need to edit your snippet, you need to make sure you update it everywhere else you might have a copy stored.

bye bye problem, enter GitHub

Our friends at GitHub have come up with the solution, and named it Gist. This is essentially a free online and version controlled area for you to save your snippets. You can create a new snippet (either public or private) and then paste your code into it. Wherever you go, these snippets are available to you, and if you want to update them you can.